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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

At Tutto Fresco, everything is always fresh, as our name sums up. Italian food, while sometimes heavy in carbs and rich sauces, provides a perfect opportunity for eating delicious, healthy ingredients. As we know, each New Year allows people to be introspective and organize their goals. People assess their characteristics, both behavioral and physical. Oftentimes you’ll see a lot more people jogging just after the holidays than you will weeks later. However, Italian cuisine can stay appealing year round. Additionally, the fresh vegetables and made-from-scratch ingredients at Tutto Fresco in Bel Air can assist someone in living a healthier life, beginning with their diet.

For starters, the Mediterranean salad at Tutto Fresco Italian restaurant is a delectable dish with crisp vegetables and grilled chicken. Chicken can help you strengthen your muscles and is a great source of protein. Some of the luxurious veggies in the salad include artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes, healthy options that appease the taste buds. Roasted red peppers and other roasted vegetables are popular additions to Italian salads and other dishes. Maybe you are not a salad person, and maybe your cup of tea is butternut squash soup or gluten-free crab soups. Tutto Fresco is constantly trying to add healthy options to it’s ever-expanding menu. Vegetables can help lower blood pressure and are low in fat and calories. They will assist you in improving health by being both preventative (in the case of losing weight), and can help improve already existent health issues (in the case of hypertension.) Vegetables are also very high in nutrients, such as Vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. You cannot pass through an Italian kitchen without sighting a plethora of different types of veggies.

Italians have a passion for sport. Roberto Baggio was an incredible footballer. Alberto Tomba, a fantastic skiier. And the Italian men won the 4x100 meter relay at the latest Olympic Games. The breadth of athletic interest among Italian people covers many, many different types of sports and games. An active lifestyle is certainly part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Along with being active, a diverse diet can help as well. Fish is often a very healthy option, and Italian cuisine certainly features fish quite frequently. Salmon piccata is a lovely choice, if the lemon butter sauce is limited. Tutto Fresco has some of the best and freshest healthy Italian food in Harford County and in the Bel Air area. If you have some nice cod filets, mahi mahi, or other light white fish, an exquisite Baked Italian Fish dish with lemon is the perfect dinner for spring or summer. Italian fish stew and seared fish with olives and tomatoes are also outstanding seasonal dishes.

Portion control can be a difficult concept if you’ve grown up in an Italian household. Most holidays feature the regular American tradition (turkey, ham), in addition to Italian add-ons, such as pasta or another type of meat. There are recipes out there for Italian food lovers that want to lose a few pounds. Believe it or not, a low fat three cheese ravioli with cherry tomatoes could be as low as 500 calories, if the portion is respectable. Meatballs have always been a mainstay in Italian cuisine, and Tutto Fresco Italian Restaurant in Bel Air has the tastiest meatballs in town. But if you’re looking for an easy healthy switch, try using turkey meatballs for your next homemade spaghetti with meatballs or meatball soup. Turkey has much less fat than beef or pork, and if seasoned correctly, you won’t notice much of a difference.

Tutto Fresco, much like other restaurants nationwide, have continued to try to offer health-conscious options, along with their homemade Italian delicacies. A healthy balance in diet can be mirrored by aiming for a healthy balance in life.

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