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Let us help you currate the perfect menu for your Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, family gathering, corporate event or baby shower. We will ensure that your event  is a success. Email us for information on your next Event.


Tutto Fresco

Tutto Fresco literally means “Everything Fresh”, which sums up our extremely appetizing authentic Italian dishes.  Holiday parties are right around the corner, and we can provide large buffet style dishes that make you believe you are dining in a trattoria in Southern Italy.  It starts with our fresh vegetables, cheeses and pastas, along with delectable seafood, meatballs, veal, and much, much more.  Our authentic sauces will emanate mouth-watering aromas and deliver you to the Old Country.  Whether you are hosting a Christmas party, a graduation party, or a rehearsal dinner for a wedding, Tutto Fresco is the best caterer in the Bel Air area.  We cook hot traditional Italian food, or even deli meats and salads for business or corporate lunches and events.

Please contact us to customize a remarkable feast for your guests.  We are famous for our fresh appetizers as well.  Order yourself a classic bruschetta for your party, as nothing beats the taste of grilled Italian bread topped with garlic, olive oil, salt, basil and succulent tomatoes.  You could also serve your family and friends a large container of mozzarella caprese, combining those delicious tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with basil leaves.  Warm and fluffy garlic knots are another of our specialties, baked golden brown, featuring a tasty garlic herb butter.  Our rosted vegetables are a Tutto Fresco tradition, and our specialty homemade meatballs will melt the hearts of all who taste them.

Weddings, birthdays, even memorials can be overwhelming in the planning stages, and at Tutto Fresco we will relieve anxiety and reduce work for the person doing the planning.  We have catered hundreds of events and parties, and we have a knowledgeable and welcoming staff that can answer any question.


Our salads are known around town as the freshest and most flavorful, including our authentic antipasto, which combines cured and pickled meats, plump vegetables, pepperoncini, olives, and more.  You may want to throw some chicken on our delicious mediterranean salad, featuring only the best and most crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and much more.  Our classic caesar is the perfect mix of crisp romaine, anchovies, and parmesan, and our spinach and cobb salads are a symphony of luscious vegetables.  All salads are available in large quantity as part of our catering packages.

Tutto Fresco is best known for our secret recipe pastas and entrees.  Just the site and scrumptious scent of these dishes will please any crowd, and is the best catering option in the county.  Our authentic and traditional Italian food is perfect for any outing, family holiday, or celebration.  Our marinara, meatballs, and bolognese are paired perfectly with our fresh pasta.  The lasagna is world famous.  Some of your guests may prefer a more intricate dish.  The veal parmigiana is a crispy veal with a rich and enticing tomato sauce and fresh cheeses, mozzarella and parmesan.  Time and again loyal patrons order the chicken marsala, combining thinly rolled chicken escalopes with a marsala wine sauce.  We also can’t forget some of our specialties, such as our lobster ravioli or our best in class shrimp scampi.  Most parties order combinations of red-sauce dishes and maybe white-sauce, chicken, or seafood dishes.  We will customize your catering order for any type of group or party.

For business groups or corporate events, we offer our incredibly tasty box lunches, which include italian cold cuts, and freshly sliced turkey, ham, and club sandwiches.  We offer combos as well, which include soup or salad.  Again, we are always ready to customize your order for your specific needs.

Don’t miss out this holiday season.  Order your delicious meal from Tutto Fresco.  We are remarkably adept at delivering the freshest, authentic Italian food for dozens or even hundreds of people.  We are caterers who create and prepare our food with pride.  The quality matches what you get in the restaurant.  If you have a small family holiday party, graduation, wedding, funeral, or any special event whatsoever, give us a call.  We’ll make things easy for you, and your guests will get to enjoy the most delicious Italian food in Harford County.

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