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An Exquisite Take On Brunch

Everyone knows that brunch is a remarkable invention, enhanced greatly by it’s substantial diversity of breakfast and lunch dishes. In Italy, brunch can be much different than here in the United States. An authentic Italian brunch can sometimes include pastas, salads, cheeses. Many fine restaurants in Rome and other cities also have brunches that include eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Eggs Benedict seems to be a popular offering. On a beautiful weekend, maybe late morning, brunch at an Italian restaurant can be like an old friend- always a welcome sight. Always on the cutting edge with bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and bright minds, Bel Air’s Tutto Fresco boasts executive chef, Jonathan Miller. Some fresh takes on old favorites give Tutto Fresco Italian Restaurant an extraordinary brunch.


Now this dish involves seared scallops, an incredibly delicious and ever-increasingly popular seafood with a tougher consistency than most fish. This goes hand in hand with the tough consistency of Canadian bacon, and acts as a great substitute for the bacon in the famous “Benedict” creation. Seared in butter and oil, the exterior of the scallop should be golden brown, with the center remaining chewy. Scallops are found all over the Pacific Ocean from warm climates in the south Pacific and South America to Atlantic locales like Nova Scotia, Canada, considered to possibly be the “scallop capital of the world”. Other substitutions from the original Eggs Benedict include scrambled eggs instead of a poached egg, and a freshly baked biscuit, which seems to be a steady upgrade from the standard English muffin. These items are layered and topped with hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon pieces. Scallop Benedict- the perfect synchronization of farm and sea.


Scallop Benedict is the perfect meal to appease cravings for a savory, seafood treat. But many brunch goers reveal their sweet tooth as well. French toast should certainly be homemade and served fresh and hot. It is the type of dish that can become soggy or rubbery very quickly. To make french toast, a nice, thick bread is used. Brioche is a good option. The bread should soak in eggs that have been beaten and in milk. Then the bread is fried in a pan. French toast is a fan favorite in almost any household where it is created. With a standard french toast dish, people will top it with powdered sugar, syrup, or fruit. A huge upgrade in the minds of many is to top the french toast with cannoli cream, which is similar to a frosting made from ricotta. You are now eating dessert for breakfast. A cannoli french toast dish can also sport cannoli shell pieces on top of the cream topping. Cannoli French Toast- satisfy your sweeth tooth before noon.


Chef Jonathan Miller of Tutto Fresco Italian Restaurant in Bel Air, Maryland entered this dish in the 2021 Maryland Restaurant Association Brunch Battle. Which means you can’t get a tastier brunch option. The shrimp is blackened and served with chorizo potatoes. The Gulf of Mexico or Baja feel is tastily exacerbated with fresh pico de gallo and avocado. The meal is dressed with a wonderful hollandaise sauce and lime crema, an energetic, tangy combination of lime, sour cream, garlic, and salt. Of course, don’t forget the egg on top. This creation seems to have everything and really emanates the feel of coastal Mexico. Chef Miller and his team continue to expand the reaches of a quality Italian restaurant, providing succulent tastes of the sea, and favorites from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean. Italian cuisine is often referred to as a conglomerate of truly international tastes, and Tutto Fresco allows their loyal patrons to enjoy the trip around the world, while still maintaining it’s cozy authentic Italian roots.

With the expansion of restaurants into the brunch world, foodies can be excited week-round. These takes on some classic recipes give a zest to the morning. And with a mimosa, bellini, or sangria in hand, that glorious morning can last well into the afternoon.

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