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Hours of Service
Brunch Sundays 10AM - 2PM
Sunday-Thursday 11AM-9PM
Friday-Saturday 11AM-10PM


10AM -2PM

Favorite Dishes

Tutto Fresco Seasonal Specials and Fan Favorites

Eat Local - Eat Fresh - Enjoy


Authentic Italian Food

At Tutto Fresco, we take great pride in creating dishes that are sure to please any appetite.  Our cooking methods reflect deep study into Italian cuisine, perfected by our executive chef, Nicolas Sebekos (AKA Niko).  To start off a meal at Tutto Fresco, you can’t go wrong with Antipasti, such as a Fried Ravioli. Our bruschetta is a crowd favorite, and is only made with the freshest basil and olive oil.  Don’t forget our salads, some of the tastiest creations in Bel Air and Harford County.  Our antipasto salad and mediterranean salad are both highly cherished.  The antipasto has thinly sliced salami, mortadella, and capicola, among other ingredients.

We want to feed you like you are at home.  Authentic Italian food isn’t always easy to prepare, but we know that you want your family to eat well.  Tutto Fresco is that place where you have a comfortable, relaxing experience, while dining on tremendously inviting dishes.  The restaurant has an ambiance that makes you believe you are in the heart of one of our country’s many great “Little Italys’”.  Bel Air and Harford County have many Italian options, but Tutto Fresco will provide you with original Italian favorites and the best Italian food in Harford County.

Our current specials are authentic Italian at it’s finest, and we offer wine selections that pair perfectly with these dishes.  It may be our Brasato Barolo, which is braised beef slow cooked in Italian red wine paired with a nice, rich Sangiovese.  Or it may be Seared Scallop Pesto Pasta, which is pretty closed to what it sounds like- scallops, pesto, and pasta.  You can’t go wrong with those ingredients.  This would be paired with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Tutto Fresco always buys the best ingredients.  We believe in a strict tenet of living up to our name.  Authentic Italian food a lot of times has an anchor rooted in it’s homemade tomato sauces.  Tutto Fresco has the best homemade sauce in Bel Air, and it is reflected in our signature lasagna, veal parmigiana, and spaghetti with meatballs.  Our authentic classical favorites include chicken cacciatore, chicken piccata, and chicken marsala made with the freshest mushrooms and homemade marsala sauce.  The bolognese and carbonara sauces will make you yearn for seconds.  The best food is made with the best ingredients.

Our final goal is to serve and prepare satisfying Italian-inspired food.  We like to create both southern and northern Italian cuisine.  Whether it is stromboli or calzone, or our spicy shrimp fra diavolo, we strive to have the best authentic Italian food in Bel Air.

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